Chronicle of war:

44 days left till the Great Patriotic War Victory Day

44 days are left till the 68th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War Day. Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre and Our Victory project team encourages you to remember the turning points of the Great Patriotic War, to pay homage to the fallen heroes, to ponder crucial related chronicles' chapters.

Over the years one of the musical symbols of the 9th of May has been the Victory Day song, created by composer David Tukhmanov and poet Vladimir Kharitonov, first sung by Lev Leshchenko at a live concert in 1975. Henceforth the song received nationwide recognition. Over the years the Victory day was performed by Joseph Kobzon, Muslim Magomayev, Edita Pyekha and other famous singers and bands.

Here is a unique concert record of one of Lev Leshchenko’s first performances of the Victory Day song (Zvezda (Star) TV channel archives):


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