Chronicle of war:

Dear Veterans and participants of the Great Patriotic War, homefront workers!

We extend our warmest cordial congratulations on the occasion of the most solemn and revered date – the Victory Day!

Years and decades pass, generations change, but the Great Victory remains the symbol of our national unity and military glory and honour forever inscribed in the heroic history of this country. We will never forget the heroism of our fathers and grandfathers who defended the independence and integrity of our Motherland, the right to live for future generations. Our civil duty is to surround our veterans with care and support. It’s crucial to pass the understanding of the meaning of this great day to the future generations. Now it is us who must preserve the things for which our victorious forefathers fought: the peace, the freedom, the great country.

On this festive day we’d like to with our veterans strong health, and many happy years to come. To all the rest we wish peace, happiness and family welfare.

Happy Victory Day!


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