Chronicle of war:

38 days left till the Great Patriotic War Victory Day

In November 1941, Joseph Stalin decided to start shooting a documentary called "German Troops Defeat near Moscow". Two directors, i.e. Leonid Varlamov and Ilya Kopalin, were appointed, fifteen war camera operators, including R. Karmen and A. Krylov, participated in the production. The film was released on February 23, 1942, and later was awarded the Stalin Prize.

The movie was adapted for the American audience in order to show it in the USA: it was re-voiced and re-cut. Moreover, the title was changed for "Moscow Strikes Back". In 1942, The US National Board of Review of Motion Pictures rewarded the film with the best documentary prize, and in 1943, the USSR got the first Oscar Award for "The Best Documentary".

You can watch an episode from the movie here. The full version is available on Our Victory official website.


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