Chronicle of war:

37 days till the Great Patriotic War Victory Day

The Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War was established in Moscow, 1995, becoming the central site of the memorial Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill. Museum’s exposition is destined to immortalize and honour the memory of the Soviet Army heroic deeds of 1941-1945. The museum space is divided into theme zones, featuring the Hall of the Colonels, the Hall of Fame, the Hall of Memory and Sorrow. During its life the museum has accumulated a vast collection of artifacts, each providing its own account of the War: weapons, combat vehicles, uniforms, medals, photographs, documentaries, etc. Moreover, the museum’s exposition features 6 dioramas, depicting 6 biggest battles of the period, created by the Grekov Military Artists Studio crew.

More fascinating material on the Great Patriotic War is available at Our Victory official website.

The Hall of Memory and Sorrow

The Hall of the Colonels

The Hall of Fame

Art Gallery


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