Chronicle of war:

29 days left till the Great Patriotic War Victory Day

We’d like to offer you a rare footage of the military parade of November 7, 1941. At that time Moscow was under siege, the enemy was in about 70-100 kilometers from the city. It was decided to hold a military parade of the Soviet troops in the Red Square to enhance the nation’s fighting spirit. The USSR leadership thought that to be an opportunity to declare to the world that Moscow was still standing and would continue to stand firmly. General Pavel Artemyev, Commander of the Moscow Military District, commanded the parade; Marshal Semyon Budyonny took the salute. The solemn march was opened by the cadets of Mortar College and the Supreme Soviet School; followed by the riflemen of the 322nd Ivanovo and 2nd Moscow divisions, Dzerzhinsky Division, Special Brigade Regiment. Then everything went more or less in the usual order of succession: cavalry, artillery, and tanks. Immediately after the parade the Red Army soldiers were sent to the front…

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