Chronicle of war:

27 days left till the Great Patriotic War Victory Day

Only three people came out of the Great Patriotic War as Thrice Heroes of the Soviet Union. We’ve already introduced you to Ivan Kozhedub and Aleksandr Pokryshkin, now it’s time to tell you about a no less outstanding personality of Semyon Budyonny.

Semyon was one of the first Soviet Marshals as well as bearer of the Order of Saint George of all the four classes. Before the Great Patriotic War Semyon Budyonny served in the Emperor’s Army and played an important part in the Russian Civil War.

During the Great Patriotic War Semyon Budyonny entered the Chief Commanding Headquarters (an extraordinary military command and control unit, established during the war), defended Moscow, commanded different branches and troops. In the summer of 1941 he recommended to form new cavalry divisions, and by the end of the year over 80 light cavalry divisions were deployed.

In July-September 1941 Budyonny occupied the post of the commander of the Southwestern Front armies, blocking the enemy invasion of Ukraine. In august by his order the field engineers of the 157th NKVD Regiment (Peoples Commissariat for Internal Affairs) blew up the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station in Zaporizhia washing out and away many Nazi troops, though the soviets also suffered some losses. In autumn 1941 he was placed in charge of the Reserve Front, and in 1942 Budyonny was appointed Commander of the North Caucasus Front.

In 1943 promoted to the Red Army Cavalry. After the war Budyonny was offered the post of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the USSR specializing in horse breeding.

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