Chronicle of war:

Happy Victory Day!

Dear compatriots! Dear veterans of the Great Patriotic war!

The staff of the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre congratulates you with the Great Victory Day!

On this day, we all feel the greatest pride for our people. We remember, what a high price they had to pay for the victory over the fascism. We are immensely grateful and bow to you, dear veterans, for your great feat!

We keep the memory of the war and share the information of it with our children, and we hope, that they will share it with our grandchildren. This chain should never be interrupted. We will do everything possible to ensure, that the events, which mark the courage and heroism of our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers will remain forever in the memory of people.

And although on the day of celebrating the 75th anniversary of Victory we will not go out on the streets and walk in the ranks of the Immortal Regiment this year, but we will find a way to remember our heroes and once again give thanks to them for the peace, for our life, for the right to have the future!

The Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre implements the "Our Victory" project, as a part of the support for the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, which aims to provide targeted support and care for the veterans, who showed courage and heroism during the war.

The song "Katyusha" is performed by Victoria Shaburova and Lev Shaburov

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