Chronicle of war:


The necessity to mobilize the armed forces and the population for conduct of severe war, as well as to affect the enemy’s army and the population of the enemy’s territory, turned into a flush in the warring countries of different propagandist technologies that have become an integral part of the war.

Considering the specific conditions under which campaign materials were created, it is not surprising that many of them seem to be excessively violent to a modern person, some — too naturalistic or, alternatively, caricatured.

During the war the top place was given to the poster. For the first two years of the war the poster had a dramatic and even tragic tone.

At the 2nd stage, after the change in the course of war, both the mood and image of the poster have been changed.

During the war the posters acquired extraordinary popularity. For example, the contents of Windows of TASS (the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union) were retold by word of mouth, becoming a popular rumor. Each new release was met with impatience and excitement, as an important message from the front.

The posters’ authors passionately believed that victory would come, and they would praise it for its art. It happened. And in the days of May 1945, a picture of the Red Square, filled with jubilant people on Victory Day, appeared on the stands.


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