Chronicle of war:

Mikhail Bondarenko
Mikhail Bondarenko20.10.1913 - 27.7.1947

Mikhail Bondarenko was a Commander of the squadron of the 198th Attack Aviation Regiment (the 4th Shock Air Group of the GHQ, the Western Front), Lieutenant; navigator of the 198th Attack Aviation Regiment (the 233rd Assault Air Division, the 1st Air Force, the Western Front), Major.

He was born on 7 (20) October 1913 in Bogdanovka village, today Yagotynsky district of Kiev region (the Ukraine). Ukrainian. In 1927 he finished 7 grades of a rural school. From 1931 he worked as a blacksmith at the Kiev plant “Arsenal”. In 1933 he graduated from Factory Trade Apprenticeship, in 1936 - 2 years of technical school, and the Kiev railway flying club.

In the army from August 1936. Until 1937 he studied at the Kharkov Military Aviation Pilot School, in 1939 graduated from the Kachin Military Aviation Pilot School. He served in the Air Force combat units (in the Moscow Military District).

A member of the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940: February-March 1940 – junior military aviator of the 148th Fighter Regiment. He flew 17 combat missions on the I-153 “Chaika”.

After the war he continued service in the Air Force (in the Baltic Military District).

A member of the Great Patriotic War: in June-July 1941 – Flight Commander of the 241st Attack Aviation Regiment (the North-Western Front). He took part in defensive battles in the Baltic States, carried out 25 combat missions on the I-15bis fighter to attack the advancing enemy troops. On July 4, 1941 he was shot during a night combat sortie, made a forced landing, during which he received a contusion. Was sent to the rear hospital in Voronezh. In August 1941, he retrained on the Il-2.

In September 1941 – December 1942 – commander of the squadron, navigator of the 198th Attack Aviation Regiment; in December 1942 – November 1943 – flight instructor of the 3rd Attack Air Corps. He fought on the Western and Bryansk Fronts. Participated in the defense of Moscow and the Battle of Kursk.

In total he committed about 220 combat missions on the I-15bis fighter and the Il-2 attack, shot down an enemy aircraft. Was injured on August 22, 1942 and twice wounded – on July 4, 1941 and on March 31, 1942

For courage and heroism during 112 military sorties, by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on June 6, 1942, Lieutenant Mikhail Bondarenko was awarde the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal (№ 581).

By the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on August 24, 1943 for the next 106 sorties, Major Mikhail Bondarenko was awarded the second Gold Star medal (№ 7/II).

From November 1943, he studied at the Air Force Academy (Monino), which graduated in advance in November 1946. He continued to serve in the Air Force, commanded the Assault regiment in Poland.

On July 27, 1947, while swimming in the river Oder, near the town of Olaf (Lower Silesia, Poland), he drowned. He was buried in his native village.

Mayor (1943). He was awarded two Orders of Lenin (December 5, 1941, 06/06/1942), two Orders of the Red Banner (11/06/1941, 09/23/1942), the medals.

A bronze bust of M. Bondarenko is set in his native village, where the street is named after him.

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