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Kirill Yevstigneev
Kirill Yevstigneev17.2.1917 - 29.8.1996

Kirill Yevstigneev was squadron commander of the 240/178 Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment.

He was born on February 17, 1917 Khokhly village (today Shumikhinsky district of Kurgan region) in a peasant family. Russian. A member of the CPSU (B) / CPSU since 1943, graduated from junior school. He entered the Chelyabinsk factory school, where he specialized as a turner. He worked at Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant and studied in the flying club.

Joined the Red Army in September 1938. In 1941, he graduated from military aviation school, situated in the Amur region near the station Serashevo. He was left to work as an instructor pilot. In late 1942, he was sent to Moscow to the Air Force headquarters for the U.S. “Aircobra” on lend-lease from the United States. In Moscow Yevstigneev after meeting with the famous aviator I. Soldatenko was sent to the front.

Joined the Great Patriotic War on March 17, 1943. His first victory was gained in skies over the Kursk arc. On July 7, 1943 he shot down the leader to 10 enemy bombers.

The next day, he fought against the 9 Ju-87 divers and again shot down the leader. After that, pursuing the passing enemy he drove the second bomber to the land. The same day, Kirill shot down another “Junkers”. On July 9, Yevstigneev knocked the Bf-109; On 13 and July 16 - one “Messer”. And so until the very August.

On August 5, 1943 in a group of eight La-5 planes he flew to cover our troops on the outskirts of Belgorod. In aerial combat he was shot down and wounded in both legs. In medical and sanitary battalion he dissuaded doctors from amputation of the foot. On the ninth day escaped from the hospital on crutches at night. He passed thirty-five kilometers to the nearest airport, from which he was transferred to his unit. In a month he went back to the Squadron on a combat mission. True, the first time got into the plane on crutches.

By November 1943, Senior Lieutenant Yevstigneev made 144 sorties, shot down personally 23 enemy planes and 3 in group.

On August 2, 1944 Squadron commander of the 240th Fighter Regiment (the 302th Fighter Division, the 4th Fighter Aviation Corps, the 5th Air Army, the 2nd Ukrainian Front) Senior Lieutenant Kirill Yevstigneev was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal (№ 2284).

By October 1944, Guards Captain Yevstigneev has made 83 sorties, and shot down 20 planes.

On February 23, 1945 Squadron commander of the 178th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment (the 14th Guards Fighter Division, the 3rd Guards Fighter Aviation Corps, the 5th Air Army, the 2nd Ukrainian Front), Guards Captain K. Yevstigneev was awarded the second Gold Star medal (№ 4039).

K. Yevstigneev finished the war as a commander of the 178 Guards fighting aviation regiment. The last fight he had in the skies of Hungary. During the war he has made more than 300 combat missions, participated in 120 battles, personally shot down 53 enemy planes and 3 in a group.

In 1949, he graduated from flight and tactical courses, in 1955 — Air Force Academy, in 1960 — the General Staff Academy. Air Force Major General (1966). Since 1972 — in reserve. He lived in the city-hero of Moscow, where he died on August 29, 1996. Was buried in Moscow at Kuntsevo Cemetery.

He was awarded the Order of Lenin, four Orders of the Red Banner, the 3rd Class Order of Suvorov, the 1st and 2nd Class Orders of Suvorov, the Order of the Red Star, some medals and foreign orders.

In Shumikh-city of Kurgan region, the bronze bust of twice Hero of the Soviet Union, K. Yevstigneev, was installed and the memorial plaque on the wall of school number 2.

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